Another Whiny Liberal...

Posted by The All American 1005 days ago

Occupy Anthem – I Don’t Want To Work!

Who's whining?

the "99%"

What are they whining about?

No one knows…

More bitching and moaning...

Read about the most recent whiny liberals below.

NBC Takes "Under God" Out of Pledge During U.S. Open Coverage

NBC Takes “Under God” Out of Pledge During U.S. Open Coverage

by American Bald Eagle 1133 days ago

Rory McIlroy held on to win the 2011 U.S. Open, and Tiger Woods didn’t even participate (busy driving his long wood into cocktail waitresses), yet controversy still lingered after the final round ended and fans dispersed.

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Rachel Maddow

British MSNBC Anchor Preaches to Sarah Palin About American Flag Code

by The Frat Czar 1135 days ago

Sarah Palin just launched a national bus tour that may or may not lead to her announcement that she’s running for president. Whether you want Sarah Palin as president or not is a non-issue.

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Weiner's Cyber Slut Says "Cock Sucking Republicans" Are Ruining Country

Weiner’s Cyber Slut Says “Cock Sucking Republicans” Are Ruining Country

by RightIsRight 1139 days ago

Documents revealing Congressman Anthony Weiner’s online sexcapades have been released, and some of the material is hilarious, as expected. If you have an online sexual conversation transcribed and don’t laugh your ass off when reading it, then you were one of the people taking part in the conversation.

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