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Posted by RightIsRight 1183 days ago

ACLU Stands Up So Lazy Students Can Sit Down During Pledge

Who's whining?

The perpetually whiny ACLU, and two of their puppets

What are they whining about?

The ACLU will literally go after anyone for press coverage. Clearly, this was a perfect scenario for them to step in. The Sweeny ISD? Really? Freaking conniving muckrakers. Two lazy punks out of 1,850 don’t have the decency to stand for our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance, so the ACLU takes the reigns (much like they did with the little atheist girl), and imposes their anti-patriotic sentiments on the entire school district. Do they still have to keep their hand over heart and recite while seated? Before it’s all said and done they’ll be pushing for students who don’t want to hear the pledge to have the right to put on their iPods and enjoy some Lady Gaga every morning during the traditional recital. If you won’t stand and respect the flag of the United States of America, then what the hell are you doing here?

Obviously this tiny school district and their limited legal resources can’t stand up to the mighty ACLU and their team of high-powered lawyers, who have nothing better to do than pick fights with organizations outside of their weight class, so they’ve been forced to “relax” their policies. Superintendent Randy Miksch’s interview is priceless. He sounds like he’s been forcing down Vicodin to “relax” and keep from ringing someone’s neck. He did state this debacle has increased patriotism in the district, which is one good thing that can be taken from this ridiculous situation. Hopefully he’ll rock a pantyhose on his head, and sneak these disrespectful seniors into the janitorial closet, giving them an old-school educational broomstick paddling they’ll never forget.

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  1. Dear Liberals,

    You seem to bitch and moan a lot about how this nation oppresses your people. Well, if that is the case and you feel that way…..GET THE FUCK OUT. This is the most disgusting, un-American thing I’ve seen. Fucking Libs.

    Stephen J. Campagnone
    Republican Presidential Candidate – 2028

  2. Does the ACLU still fight for legitimate issues? It seems as if racism must be over if the ACLU is taking interest in this… countdown to 2012 anyone?

  3. This made me realize that I don’t know too much about the history of the Pledge. But it’s pretty f’d up according to wikipedia (the gold standard of internet encyclopedia’s). Basically, Francis Bellamy (noted christian socialist and believer in the equal distribution of economic resources) was commissioned to write the Pledge of Allegiance by a magazine (Youth’s Companion) as part of their marketing campaign to sell flags to schoolhouses and thereby increase number of subscriptions. Only in America, am I right? Haha

    • Yeah it’s not really as cool a story as Francis Scott Key writing the Anthem… but the overwhelming irony of it having been written by a socialist, who implemented a gesture that would later become the Nazi salute, is just hilarious.
      I do, however, think it should be mandatory. Parents shouldn’t be teaching their children that it’s ok to be a citizen of this country, benefit from its workings and protections, and not hold any loyalty to it. And for the people bitching about the “under God” phrase, just substitute “under Law” instead and call it a day. But get your ass out of the chair and get your hat off your head.

  4. The government should get the fuck of out my business. I’m OK with laws that require me to stand up and recite loyalty oaths though. My government is a little bit insecure.

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