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Posted by RightIsRight 1196 days ago

Arizona Governor Vetoes Concealed Carry Bill, Emo Angst Still a Threat on Campuses

Concealed Carry Permitted on Campus

Who's whining?

Gun-control advocates

What are they whining about?

The movement to allow concealed handguns on college campuses took another hit Monday. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed an apparently sloppily written bill that would’ve allowed guns on parts of public college campuses in the state. This idea has been echoing throughout the country in an attempt to create safer campus environments, lessening the likelihood that sprees of violence will take place in these densely populated and historically susceptible communities. As with any argument, strong points can be made for both sides. Obviously this isn’t the Wild West, and it’s not a good idea to hand out six shooters and let Doc Holliday style street justice ensue in the quad. In order to carry on campus, individuals should be properly certified with hours of safety classes and range practice. Then, next time some emotionally fragile nut-job attempts a video game inspired shooting spree, they’ll catch six tightly-grouped rounds to the chest. Seriously, we wouldn’t see anymore self-loathing murder-suicides if they ended with swift retribution as opposed to long, drawn-out investigations and media exposure. ‘Merica.

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  1. The emo kid is wearing cargo shorts, hilarious.

  2. They tried to pass this thing at GT a few years ago. Got shot down, by the students no less! Dear everyone, we’re in the middle of one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and you don’t wanna carry a gun around! idiots.

  3. Why is the hipster throwing up the Hook ‘em sign?

  4. no one has gotten a hand-job in cargo shorts since Nam.

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