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Posted by Billy Bones 1192 days ago

Bleeding Heart Lefties Attend Anti-Union Tea Party Rally, Bring Clever Signs

Who's whining?

Wisconsin Union Supporters...Again

What are they whining about?

Sarah Palin gave a speech to around 6,500 people this weekend at an anti-union “tea party” rally in Wisconsin. As usual, the union loving libs showed up and brought their ingenious picket signs saying: “RECALL WALKER” and “DON’T CUT WISCONSIN,” along with “FOX LIES” and “Please DON’T SHOOT ME SARAH!!” While they are all extremely informative, my personal favorites would have to be: “Save America- Tax The Rich” and “We drink BEER NOT Tea.” You smug jackasses go ahead and enjoy your commie Tsingtao, but try to limit alcohol intake to levels that keep you acting in a relatively civil manner. Apparently, you let some of the protestors have a few too many. “Make your choice now Sarah! NOOOOOWWWWWW!” What a fucking psycho.

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  1. god dammed Unions, they have single handedly ruined the workers of America. Just shut the fuck up and work already.

  2. Wow, that popup video is fucking hilarious.

  3. More Hilarity:

  4. Booing the National Anthem:

  5. Sickos. Who the heck BOOS AT A NATIONAL ANTHEM??

    • Agreed, if you don’t like the United States you should go somewhere else

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