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Posted by RightIsRight 1199 days ago

D.C. Sluts Lose Free Abortion, Addicts Lose Needles, Mayor Arrested

Who's whining?

Mayor of D.C. and his cronies

What are they whining about?

Vincent Gray, Mayor of the District of Columbia, was arrested on Capitol Hill while protesting the loss of locally and federally funded abortion. The newly reached federal budget deal, which deterred a government shutdown, cut the district’s funds for abortion services, and their needle exchange program. This is one bold move by Mayor Gray: sitting in jail with the hookers and junkies that desperately need him to be fighting for their rights on the outside. It’s hard to get much work done sitting in central booking, dumbass. Along with the mayor, 41 other people, including city council members and random losers who think they’re making a difference, were arrested for blocking a street near a Senate office building. These ruffians are going to get crazy respect in lockup for that ballsy stunt. Surely there will be heated competition in recruiting these ice-cold thugs to join different jailhouse gangs. Fortunately, the Mayor appears to be black, white, and Latino so it is unlikely he’ll be a target of specific race related violence. Unfortunately, he already has membership in one club: his Jewish fraternity. He was one of the first African American members, serving two consecutive terms as President, and I can only assume Lenny Kravitz was his right-hand man.

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  1. i’ll stand up for the D.C to say to the federal government, don’t impose their will on the city. It is two different things and therefore should have it’s own budget not controlled by the federal government. If they want to spend their money on it whatever but let them make their decision. just like i don’t want the federal government to impose its feelings to me down in Louisiana.

  2. Hilarious Lenny Kravitz joke lol

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