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Posted by RightIsRight 1155 days ago

George Takei Speaks Out Against “Don’t Say Gay” Bill in Super Gay Way

Who's whining?

Hikaru Sulu and the Phoenix Suns

What are they whining about?

The word “gay” has been catching a lot of heat lately. Not only is Tennessee trying to pass the “Don’t Say Gay” bill (making it illegal to teach kids about homosexuality in public schools), but the NBA recently launched a campaign to prevent improper usage of the g-word (nobody is standing up for gingers). Even George Takei (aka Mr. Sulu) is up in arms trying to get people to use his last name as a substitute for “dumb” or “stupid.”

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, this is all Kobe Bryant’s fault. Just weeks ago, Kobe called one of the refs a “fu***** fa****” in the middle of a game. Shortly after, Phoenix Suns president Rick Welts came out of the closet, and the NBA Wordplay Campaign launched almost immediately. Next, Joakim Noah’s dumbass dropped an anti-gay slur, ironically after the commercials had already aired. Who started this chain of events? Kobe Bryant.

Thanks for nothing Kobe, you faggot.

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  1. What a gay campaign.

  2. Damn queers

  3. “[This] is sooo Takei” as George puts it

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