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Posted by RightIsRight 1196 days ago

Throwback Thursday: Obama Supporters Entertain With Ignorance, Fail to Answer Simple Questions

Who's whining?

Change Seekers

What are they whining about?

The exact answer I gave to the police officer who pulled me over last night and asked if I’d been drinking: “Yes, and no. I mean I know it has its ups, and downs, but, all together I think that’s what America needs right now.” When she told me to drive safely, and go along my merry way, I responded: “Why don’t you shove it up your ass lady.” The moral of the story is that I take quotes from this video, and use them as a deterrent to being charged with DWI. Moving on.

In light of the speech that President Obama delivered yesterday afternoon, promising to “act boldy now,” I felt it appropriate to reflect on the people who voted this man into office. As Obama desperately tries to win back the American people before 2012, let’s keep in mind the promises he made during his first campaign. Yes we can? Well, you didn’t.

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  1. Poor people are hilarious

  2. “You cannot make it with a job these days”, is that why they don’t have them?

    • It’s funny, because I have a job and I’m “making it” these days…

    • LOL

    • I’m 21 years old and am completely self reliant (pay rent, food, gas and insurance for two cars-both of which I bought with my own $) and “make it” working 20-25 hours a week and going to school full time.

  3. Stupid bitch couldn’t spell his name right!

  4. “Food prices are astronomical.” Haha, per inflation, food prices today are the lowest they have ever been.

  5. I wish they could interview these people again and see how many of them have seen “change”

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