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Posted by RightIsRight 1203 days ago

Woman Didn’t Know the Internet Was Creepy, Sues After Sexual Assault

Who's whining?

Lonely Hollywood Executive

What are they whining about?

Really? You’re going to sue because your internet blind date ended up being a creepy sex offender? I do feel for you, nobody should be subject to unwanted sexual advances, but how is this’s fault? When you sleaze down into the dark valley of online dating you’ve got to know that shit is gonna get weird. I’m not sure what this woman’s political views are, but blaming someone else for your own mistakes is a classic liberal move.

The woman filing suit is allegedly a Hollywood executive who wishes to remain anonymous. Lady, you worked your way up to an executive position in Hollywood, yet you need the Internet to get laid? Just find a male escort, or use your power to pressure an intern into an unwanted physical relationship. Then you’ll be the one getting sued, which is way hotter.

In closing, I don’t think sexual predators should be filtered out of the online dating community; I think they should be the only ones allowed in.

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  1. Another whiny liberal. Tisk Tisk Tisk. :P

  2. Maybe you should try Craigslist next time.

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