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Posted by RightIsRight 1190 days ago

“Yes we Cannabis!” No, you can’t…abis.

Who's whining?

Perpetually stoned societal bottomfeeders

What are they whining about?

It’s every stoner’s favorite “holiday,” where dumb ass potheads become even more utterly useless. On this 4/20, we are once again forced to listen to these mindless slap-dicks bitch about legalizing their sacred herb. The mental patient in this classic YouTube video is a perfect example of why drugs should never be legalized. Holy shit he has some seriously twisted logic: “All drugs in this country should be legal. If you commit a crime while on those drugs, you should be prosecuted for the crime, but not for doing drugs.” I’d say it’s likely that this “crime” could have been avoided all together if you weren’t cracked out of your mind. This raving lunatic has apparently chosen to ignore the negative physical and mental side effects of drugs, as well as problems with addiction. Further, if it wasn’t for illegal drugs great drug movies like Scarface and Blow wouldn’t exist.

We get it buddy, you’re high as a kite from torching golf-ball sized crack rocks, but it’s time to step down off your demented soapbox filled with uppers. If this guy is smoking the plant he so adamantly proclaims should be legalized, then he’s definitely lacing his shit with some potent stimulants. “Look man…the President did it!” Yeah, he also kept his shit together on camera, unlike yourself.

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  1. Where can I get some of what that guy is smoking?

  2. Wow. This guy is absolutely absurd. *Cough*

  3. that guy is definitely on some heavy crack. we have seatbelt laws because they save more lives then kill and cost the government more when you don’t ware them and get into an accident then if you were (between insurance, requirements of EMS, etc)

  4. of course he wants to legalize drugs, because he is currently on speed. I’m sorry crazy Bob, but your a nitwit and a hippie. Why do you need drugs? Because your a pencil pusher with a miserable´╗┐ life and zero self esteem and you are a complete scumbag. Drugs are for the weak minded that can’t cope with having to actually be productive for a living. fucking loser.

  5. Marijuana is not addictive. You cannot overdose on marijuana. Marijuana has no long term side effects. You can be addicted to alcohol. You can overdose on alcohol. Alcohol will destroy your liver. Nicotine is addictive. Cigarettes will destroy your lungs. There is no reason why marijuana should be illegal.

    • Biggest lie I have ever heard in my life. If marijuana is not an addictive drug, then why do I see people day after day who are unable to cope with the pressures of real life and feel the need to smoke weed? I’m not just talking about people who do it every now and then to relax, I’m talking about losers who spend so much money on marijuana every day that they have almost no money to spend on necessities. My friends and I work very hard during the week and let loose on the weekend by drinking, and we never manage to get addicted to alcohol. And we refuse to touch any marijuana or other illegal drug. If our country were to legalize marijuana or other forms of illegal drugs, just imagine the increase in the number of idiots you would have walking the streets, driving while high, causing accidents. Oh, and I have seen lots of people smoke marijuana over the years, killing off their brain cells. It’s so obvious, you can tell that something’s not there. They can’t even perform everyday tasks unless they are high. That’s why they want to legalize their damn drugs.

    • @STFUlib We should try to estimate how many people will drive high or commit crimes while high on marijuana. What are the current statistics?

    • How can you deny that alcohol is not addictive? That is a scientific fact. That is what alcoholics are. Marijuana can be psychologically addictive. But so can anything else. Literally anything can be psychologically addictive. Have you heard of sex addicts who spend all their time masturbating and waste all their money on porn and prostitutes? Nicotine and alcohol are chemically addictive. An alcoholic will go through physical withdrawl if you deprive him of alcohol, so will a cigarette smoker. Alcohol causes car accidents too. It’s called drunk driving. It’s why MADD was formed.
      You say you and your friends let loose by getting drunk on the weekend, which you seem to be using to prove that alcohol is not addictive. Again, there are alcoholics who are addicted. Likewise, there are people that get high to let loose on the weekend. And then there are the kids that dropout of high school because they wish to spend life in a drugged out haze. They’ll never die because of their addiction like an alcoholic or chain smoker will.
      And as for the whole brain cell killing thing. Have you considered that someone who smokes a lot of pot was just dumb in the first place? Think about it. The kids that smoke pot in high school were the ones who weren’t going to amount to anything anyways.
      I don’t understand why making it illegal will make people less likely to use it either. I have a friend that uses pot regularly. He says it is much easier to obtain pot than it is to obtain alcohol (he is underaged). Also, did prohibition work? Making something illegal has very little effect on how many people use it.

    • I agree that marijuana can become a mental addiction, but only in those that are weakminded enough to allow it. As an infrequent cannabis smoker, I personally have never been constrained by this. I would enjoy not having to worry about the legal reprocutions for smoking marijuana, but i understand why it cannot be legalized. Though it is not nearly as bad for you as any other abused substance out there, the long and short of it is, unfortunately, that alcohol was legalized first. For this fact, marijuana will never become nationally decriminalized. I can only imagine what would happen if people began using both alcohol and pot and ended up on the road or operating other heavy machinery. Not to mention that intoxication levels for marijuana cannot be tested. So, unfortunately for us who are able to use on a seldom basis, I guess we’ll either just have to accept the way things are.. Or move to where it is legal. I for one love my country too much, so I’ll just stick to the occasional bong rip :D

  6. *How can you deny that alcohol IS addictive?

  7. The major difference which causes alcohol to be legal and marijuana to be illegal is quite simple. We know that both of them are mind altering drugs, that much is obvious. Yes, alcohol is potentially addictive and marijuana is not. However, the reason why marijuana is illegal and alcohol is not is that alcohol blood level can be tested but there is no test to immediately determine how high someone is. Drunk driving is monitored by breathalyzers and those who don’t pass are punished but this is not currently a possibility for THC levels.

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